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I lived near the High School, the cluster of buildings in the center of the picture, for a year during 1971 and 72, teaching arithmetic and science.    I arrived in January of 1971 and taught until summer vacation when I hiked into Kathmandu where I spent the summer.  The following fall I took 6 weeks off to help climb a mountain near Annapurna.  I taught again from December until  June of 1992 when I again went to Kathmandu for the summer. When I returned after summer vacation I decided that staying the last three months of my Peace Corps tour would accomplish little, and being homesick, I went home, which was a mistake. When I returned, unannounced, 37 years later I was welcomed as the prodigal son.  I have been helping the school get computers and internet since and correspond with friends in Nepal a couple times a week by email and Skype.