I spent 4 days in New Delhi - it is amazing.


I uploaded pictures to the Picasa picture sharing site, listed below.  You may need to have Picasa2 loaded on your computer to view them.  Let me know how this works. 


Having a wonderful time.  I'm doubtful you'd enjoy being here. It's dirty and smelly. I am a rich american sticking out like a bulls eye and assailed by friendly entrepreneurs who understand "No", means "maybe", until I get unfriendly.  On the other hand it's intensely interesting. How can people who have so little be so alive and engaged.  I got a hair cut.  Included a shave and face massage.  The man is an artist. And has great pride in being an excellent barber.  Duty and helping are very important here.  Even when people are, on the one hand, trying to relieve me of my excess of dollars, they are, on the other, really, really trying to help.  And they do.  
    Check out the pictures of the electric wires.  The wonder isn't that it's so haphazard, the wonder is that it works at all. The fellow who configured my  computer's Vista (MS hid where to put in the IP numbers) to connect to his network is a wonder of ingenuity and perseverance.  He is clearly very proud of his accomplishment - keeping a dozen archaic computers connected to the internet.   The whole culture seems impossible. The cows are really sacred.  People touch them as they go by to get spiritual blessings. There are similar cows in America. What exists is possible.  I'm enjoying adjusting my mind. 
    Then I'm having wonderful conversations with the Israeli's who primarily frequent this hotel.  The fellow I met today was so upset with the Israeli government he ignored the summons for his yearly military service until he was threatened with jail.  He went and was in command.  He told his soldiers they could go home if they wanted.  The army hasn't called him back.  He's a professor of "Behavioral Economics" in Tel Aviv.  I'm enjoying meeting French and other nationalities but few americans, mostly - Jewish, with ties to Israel.  Later.